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For over 40 years, Campise Reporting has been providing the New Jersey Bar with top-notch court reporting services.

Our goal at Campise has always been to provide our clients with fast, reliable and efficient service. From our highly competent office staff to our utilization of only NJ Board Certified Court Reporters, our clients enjoy the kind of experience that is rare to find in today’s automated world.

To match our experience and professionalism, Campise Reporting offers highly competitive rates with NO HIDDEN COSTS! Call us today and see how Campise can save you on your court reporting needs.

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Tina (Campise) Okomski

N.J. License No. XIO1516
Certified Court Reporter
Registered Merit Reporter
Certified Realtime Reporter

Campise Reporting, Inc.

God Bless...

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In honor of football season kicking off, a little clip from ESPN on captioning and football...and how they work with court reporters.
Great job captioners!


How closed captioning works - ESPN Front Row


Do you ever wonder how television networks closed caption their shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week? At any given time, you can click your remote and read in real time what the broadcasters or actors are saying. What a concept, but how does it get done so fast? Meet our ESPN Program …

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Campise Reporting, Inc. commented on their own photo.

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